• Form :  Powder
  • INCI Name :  Acacia Concinna
  • Advantage : Prevents Hair Stronger and thicker hairs
  • Brand Name :  Umber, Miyoko and private lable
  • MOQ : 50KGS / Sample
  • Ingredient : Shikakai Dry Bark
  • Packing  Small: 100gm and 500gm
  • Packing  Bulk: 20kgs,  25kgs, 30kgs and 40kgs
  • Usage :  Relieves Stress
  • Place of Origin : Rajasthan, India
  • Certification: ISO, GMP, FSSAI
  • Feature : Smooth and silky hair

About Shikakai

Shikakai which signifies “natural product for hair” is an aspect of the customary Indian Ayurvedic medication. It is a spice particularly utilized for controlling hair fall and dandruff . Shikakai can be utilized alone or in blend with reetha and amla as a cleanser to help oversee hair fall and forestall dandruff because of its purifying and antifungal properties. It gives try to please hair just as forestalls its turning gray. As indicated by Ayurveda, applying Shikakai powder alongside rose water or nectar to wounds helps in quicker recuperating because of its Ropan (mending) property and Sita (cold) nature.

Shikakai benefits for hair :

1. Shikakai  benefits for hairs
2. Treats dandruff
3. Stronger and thicker hairs
4. Soothes scalp
5. Controls hair loss
6. Nourishes Hair Follicles

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