Indigo Powder​

  • INCI Name : Indigofera Tinctoria
  • Type :  Temporary
  • Part Used : Leaf
  • Advantage : Chemical free hair dyeing
  • Brand Name : Umber, Miyoko
  • MOQ : 50KGS / Sample
  • Ingredient : Indigo Leaf
  • Packing : Clients Request
  • Usage : Temporary Hair Dying
  • Place of Origin : India
  • Function : hair coloring

What Is Indigo Powder – All About The Natural Hair Dye

Did you realize that Indigo would one say one is of the most established known colors? In the previous days, it was widely utilized for coloring materials. Inferred by pounding leaves of the plant classification Indigofera, Indigo was a viewed as valuable product, alluded to as ‘blue gold’.Throughout the long term, individuals found the utilization of Indigo to shading hair dark normally, and the color got well known as Indigo hair tone.Normal and Organic Indigo powder is altogether unique in relation to its engineered other options. It doesn’t contain alkali or PPD or different synthetics like most hair colors

What Are The Benefits Of Indigo Powder For Hair :
  • Isn’t it astounding that coloring your hair normally can improve your hair’s wellbeing? Common hair tones loan your braids the color you want with no harm.

  • However, before we hop to the means to color your hair, let us walk you through a portion of the notable advantages of utilizing Indigo Powder on your hair 

Advantages of indigo powder:

 1) It treats and forestalls untimely turning gray.

2) It can prompt new hair development and treat sparseness.

3) It smoothens the knot, makes your hair thicker, more sensible and radiant.

Indigo powder with henna

For Beautiful Red Hair Shade, following Are The Methods : In a blending bowl, splash the Henna Powder (100 gms for short hair, 200 gms for mid length hair, 300 gms for long hair) with Tea Water or Coffee Water for the time being. (Including espresso makes the red shade of henna more noticeable.) Add just a scramble of Lemon Juice on the off chance that you wish. For Beautiful Black dark Hair Shade, following Are The Methods : Subsequent to washing your hair, allowed them to dry.Blend the Indigo Powder (100 gms for short hair, 200 gms for medium length hair, 300 gms for long hair) in warm water to set up a glue.Apply on your hair, utilizing gloves if applying with your hands, or a spatula.Leave on for 45 minutes, or more, contingent upon favored force. It’s fitting to save it on hair for as long as 2 hours to get rich dark tone.Flush altogether with water.Wash your hair with a purging cleanser the following day.Following these two stages will bring about the ideal regular dark hair tone. You can utilize this strategy to shading your hair twice-threefold every month.

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